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Reviewed in the United States on May 25, 2022
This book did for me what four inpatient treatment centers could not. Once again, after 9 months of clean time, I found myself in the depth of my addiction but this time it was not only meth, but heroin as well. What was going to be "just one time" turned into a relapse that lasted 18 months. You know with every relapse comes knowledge and self awareness, but it's a double edge sword because with every relapse becomes more despair and hopelessness.

I found myself searching self help books on addiction and came across this one. One review really stood out to me how this book is radical, completely extreme with some ideas that the reviewer did not agree with, but he swore it worked! When I read the concept was pretty much the author not believing in 12 step, treatment programs, nor God to get clean and he states "you are the one that got yourself into this mess, only you are going to be the one to get yourself out" it hit me like a ton of bricks. That idea was extremely radical and coming from four inpatient treatment centers, a handful of IOPs, 12 steps, sponsors, trauma and mental health counselors, medication, even shock therapy to create aversions, I knew this was the answer. I knew it with every cell in my body. I kept using every day as it suggests in the book until that one day of my choosing that I decided and promised myself to never use meth again. When that day came, I had everything on the list to detox at home and I followed and hung on to every word the book says...

I always kind of days weeks months celebrated with recognition and this time I'm not. I don't know how many days it's been since I've been clean off meth and heroin call mom but I didn't know it was in February that that day came that I chose to be done. Since then, I have secured stable housing, I've reunited with my sisters and my father, I've got to see my four sons twice and I'm actively petitioning for visitation and eventual custody, I was blessed with being able to get a Harley again (a better high than any drug ever gave me), A full-time job at the H-D dealership, self respect, dignity and this love and admiration for myself that I, let me repeat I, did it all on my own this time. No interventions, no treatment centers, just me. I do believe that in the depths of my despair, God did put this book right in front of me and I'm the one who chose to grab on and hang on as my life dependent on it.

To anyone that may be reading this who is still suffering in their meth addiction, I think about you everyday. There is hope. There is a beautiful life just waiting for you. All you have to do is believe in yourself enough to start reading this book. Until then we will all love you until you soon can start loving yourself. 
When I found this book I was desperately looking for a way out of my addiction. I can honestly say that I'm not the same person I was when I first picked this book up. I am so grateful to have found this book and the program within it gave me hope and freedom from an addiction I've been struggling with for 8 years. This book does everything it promised and I would definitely recommend this to anyone struggling with a meth addiction who is looking for a way out. I haven't touched the stuff nor had any real desire to since completing the program. Honestly I could go on and on so I'll bring this to a close with this... Jay Hotrum, you are such an inspirational man and to put it simply you saved my life. So with all my heart, thank you. There were times I really felt like you wrote this just for me.

This book literally saved my life .. which is kinda funny to write but it honestly really did . If you are serious about quitting then read this book and don't jump ahead! I was using every day for over 4 years and I am now 7 weeks clean! It was the Best purchase I could have ever done !

Reviewed in the United States on March 20, 2021
I must say this book was a BLESSING to discover and has the most practical, down to earth process for combating the devastating disorder of substance use. Its the first step before the first step and ABSOLUTLEY RECOMMEND for personal use as well as for any facility, sponsorships, and/or educational curriculums. THANK YOU !!!!!

4.0 out of 5 stars   Sort of Quaint...
Reviewed in the United States on July 14, 2021
It was heartening to see someone have the courage and conviction to stand up to many of the myths regarding the effectiveness of counseling, rehab, the medical "profession", pharmaceutical companies, interventions, etc. It was even more heartening to read some of the other reviewers and find that even in this current climate of whiny cry babies that accept zero accountability, they were many who resonated with and were successful with his basic tenets that 1) it's not a disease (cancer is a disease), so you are responsible 2) you are on your own and no one can or will do it for you, particularly doctors and drug counselors who are making bank on exorbitant priced rehab and stay in business as long as people relapse and the doctors hide their true motivations 3) While a 12 Step program has certainly helped some people, it is not necessary since it's personal responsibility and accountability you rely on and not a Higher Power. I also appreciated the graphic art at the beginning of each chapter.

Reviewed in the United States on December 22, 2020
This book has amazing knowledge to aide in the quitting of chemical addiction!

The folks I've given this to says this writer knows exactly what he's talking about -and it helped them kick Meth!

Not sure if you remember me I emailed you 14 years ago on the brink of suicide begging for help with meth addiction. You were bluntly honest not sugar coating anything. I'm happy to say I'm 14 years clean. I did enter a 30 day program but relapsed once before turning back to your response. It changed me & I'm forever grateful. Today my son is 19 & going to college for medical/psychology. My life isn't perfect but at least it's an honest one. I just happened to be cleaning out my nightstand when I came across my old poems/drawings with our email letters printed. Congratulations on your book & hope anyone struggling with an addiction has the power to quit & live a productive normal life. Thank you ❤

Reviewed in the United States on July 31, 2021
I quit meth on my own and actually came across this book after I was already clean for 6 months — I wish I had found it before as it would have made the process so much easier. Follow it to the letter and do everything the author suggests — he is really on to something here.
I walked a friend struggling with meth through the entire book —even read him the chapters out loud every day (he hates to read) and it worked for him. When you're well and truly done with all the misery meth brings into your life come back here and buy the book — it will change your life.
And new reviews from the UK and Canada as well...

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 16 November 2021
I really can not stress how much this book makes sense and made my recovery possible. I have been trying ca and aa for the past year only to fail but this book is something else. I really got lost in the amazing way it is written and so to the point and i really feel it explains it perfect as well as giving a solution to my problem i have never found in other recovery methods. I just love it best read ever. THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU SAVED MY LIFE ❤

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 2 January 2022
I got this on Kindle first because I saw next to no reviews. I'm telling u now, if you're struggling with cocaine. GET THIS BOOK. It's nothing groundbreaking if you've read RR but it's a much better interpretation of the tools used in that book. The writer identifies with the reader (as an ex addict) and doesn't beat about the bush in telling us that he basically can't stand addicts. He basically tells you to stop thinking you know anything about recovery. Sit down. You're the student. Just follow the instructions. It feels refreshing but not patronising in any way. Why would it be patronising? the writer got clean. He knows how to do it. The way the writer gets u to visualise the "list of pain" from RR is extremely powerful and his list of supplements that will help in the crash period is helpful. I got this free on kindle but i defo need a real copy now. Shocking how few reviews there are of this so mine hopefully makes u want to check it out. Put it this way......TRUST ME. GET IT.

5.0 out of 5 stars    Very helpful and informative
Reviewed in Canada on May 20, 2021
Very good book. It helped me a lot and I believe it would help a lot of other people as well.

Currently in its funding stages, Global Addiction Solutions is using a tiered priority level system that first concentrates on addicts living within the borders of the United States. When fully funded we intend to offer this literature, which is a complete drug treatment program, in several different languages, to individuals in need across the globe. This literature will also be sent to libraries, schools, prisons, and anywhere else where this information can create change for the betterment of society.
This is the first attempt ever by a nonprofit to cure drug addiction by providing a complete drug treatment program to the individual user, personally. This also makes this treatment program completely anonymous in that the user starts treatment on his own timetable, without any outside knowledge that he is ever on a program at all.

Global Addiction Solutions, Inc. (GAS) is looking for people/partners who are interested in actually “changing the world” for the betterment of societies as a whole, around the world. Still in our startup funding stages, GAS has already changed the lives of thousands of former drug addicts by providing them with the tools they needed to kick their addictions once and for all. With benefits extending outward from their family structures and into local communities, all evidence proves that the recovered addict sprouts a web of redemption that benefits society in a multitude of fashions involved in the positive changes of a member of society that transpired from a detriment and burden into a tax paying contributing citizen, who became an inspiration to others seeking the same types of help.
Imagine a world where drug addicts could actually quit using drugs if they wanted. Imagine if the choice were given to each individual who believed that they were stuck in the downward spiral of drug addiction, where there was no way out. Imagine how it would affect society if a large portion of drug addicts suddenly quit using drugs. Not only would crime rates drop dramatically but the economic implications would be staggering. People would actually progress from being a part of the detrimental, criminal element in the ugly underbelly of society, into contributing members. They would become better people, better parents, and role models to others caught in the same situations. Where once it was believed that drug addicts were a burden inflicted upon society, we at Global Addiction Solutions intend to reverse this trend and in effect, change to world to some degree.
Believe it or not, most drug addicts really do want to kick their addictions but believe they’re trapped in a cycle of addiction that prevents them from reentering society. When asked the basic question “if they made a pill that would take away your cravings for drugs, would you want it?” almost all addicts would answer swiftly with a definitive “yes” because addicts are looking for a simple and effective exit from the drug world and lifestyle.

Global Addiction Solutions, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity being run by University Honor students enrolled at the University of California, Riverside (UCR), which is a major research institution. The drug treatment programs currently being utilized on,, and were designed and developed by UCR University Honors students who are currently involved in research at UCR. The students and their associations are interested in further research involved in finding cures to common social disorders such as alcohol and drug addiction, and also in nonprofit management strategies and opportunities.


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This book will wipe out failed programs across the globe who have failed the addict by not addressing the key concerns of actual drug addiction. This book is the truth, the answer and the cure. If you or anyone you know wants to kick a drug addiction right now, once and for all, you NEED this book. This book is new and accurate and will even supply an addict who is not interested in quitting at this time, enough information on how to quit that they will most likely decide to quit anyway within 6 months to a year of reading it anyway. This book digs deep into the mind and takes away the ability of an addict to say that they're addicted because there is no way to quit. Drug addiction is NOT a disease my friends. If you have already bought into that lie, you're treatment begins the day after you decide that you are not the victim of a serious illness but rather a willing participant of it. Quit Meth Now! is going to change the world...if for no other reason but to spite...those who say that we cannot! ....Remember that the book guarantees that anyone who wants to quit will be clean by the time they finish the book. This is the worlds only drug treatment program that would dare make that statement. How could it be true? Because nobody ever really wanted to figure it out. This is not about money, its about a cure! Step into my world and see why I've sacrificed 10 years of my life because I believed I had a duty to my fellow man to present this program as a final step in research and effective drug treatment for the world. This is my curse and this is finally finished and the world will be a better place because all drug addicts will now have a chance to live a normal life. If you need the intellectual property inside these covers, buy the book...for your own sake. And live happily ever after, just like you were promised. Peace!

I successfully quit! I smiled and cried myself thinking…I do have something left in me. I can do things. I will not be chained to my bed for the remainder of time. Thank you Jay! Jordan H.

I purchased your program in 2005 and I'm doing terrific. Your program saved my family, my business and most importantly my life. Thank you! Jim W.

I just wanted you to know that I haven't purchased meth, desired to purchase meth or use…and I feel great. Not only about myself but physically too, I'm not tired or depressed anymore…

Just decided to drop you a line as Josh is now 1 year and 2 months clean from meth. Your approach is surely a "self-help" program that works. Thank you.
Jim R.

Great work! It really helped. I owe you. Thank you very much. You rock! I'm free.

I want to thank you for taking the time as you were right on every count discussed. Sincerely from the bottom of my heart, you are a hero!

We met 3 1/2 years ago and you helped me so much. I was slamming 3 to 5 times a day. The QuitMeth program has kept me clean ever since then. Thank you for everything then and now!
Patricia F.

Thanks for putting up the website. It was really a big help and that $300 was really well spent! Quitting is the best decision I ever made.
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