Global Addiction Solutions


Up until now, Global Addiction Solutions has been a self-funded project with the goal of supplying real-time drug addiction treatment, for those who couldn’t afford the traditional in-house programs available to the rich and famous. Throughout the last 20 years, we’ve developed and disseminated drug treatment programs in the form of literature, for addicts suffering from addictions to cocaine, methamphetamines, heroin, and all other forms of opioids…in multiple languages!


Our work is now ready to change the world, but the mission by-far exceeds our capabilities. We’re not funded by any government or any organization at all. Unlike traditional charities, we don’t need donation money as a foundation to expand the charity itself. We only need donations to supply these programs to those who need them the most; those who are homeless or living in poverty, free of charge, anywhere in the world.

We promise that any and all money donated to our cause will go directly to the manufacturing and shipping processes required to get these drug treatment programs into the hands of those who need them, as fast as we can. With no money diverted to the normal scams involved with traditional charities. Right now, there are thousands of people who need these drug treatment programs, but we just can’t do this alone anymore.
The word has spread fast that these books have already helped thousands of addicts put their addictions behind them. So now, we need your help, straight up. For that, you will get the satisfaction of knowing that your money will go directly to supplying people who are addicted to drugs, with a cure which will allow them to walk away clean, once and for all.  

We know the phrase ‘change the world’ is a staple to charity industries which have dominated public money-grabs in the past, but we are different from all others, in every way. With your donation, you will know that you have put one or more of these books into the hands of addicts who may continue to use until the day they die…and that if you can save just one addict, you can change their world. If you can help us get out thousands of copies, we can actually change the entire world, right?
In our 20 plus years of service, we have never asked a single person for help, but now it is time. We need your help! We can no longer do this alone. Please think about how you can help us, so that together, we can actually change the world. Thank you for your time and compassion.

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